All new memberships must be turned in (COMPLETE)14 days prior to participation.  Each member is required to turn in $200 in sponsorship to help pay for year end awards.  This is required before participating in any event.  Grades must be submitted (emailed to Jane is fine) before you can participate as well.  Thank you to all who attended!

Entry links for all spring events are listed below.   PLEASE make sure you are entering correctly.  High school rodeos are listed first followed by high school RCH and cuttings and below that are the junior high entries.  You can mail ALL checks for each weekend (as long as you date the checks with the dates of the rodeos).  I will hold the checks until that rodeo date to make easier (and you won't have to remember to mail checks if you do it all at once)!!

Go to FORMS page to find instructions on how to navigate the online membership

The membership forms will all be uploaded online this year, although they need to be filled out, printed, signed and notarized before they can be uploaded.  If you created your username and password last year you can just login and make sure all information is still current.  If you are registering for the first time it will walk you through the process.  You can get to the website if you google nhsra  (It is NOT on the national website).   The forms you will need are:
1) membership form
2) minors release form (signed and notarized by BOTH parents and member)
3) grade policy form (state website
4) certification of eligibility (state website)
5) copy of most recent transcript
6) first year members need a copy of their birth certificate

After all forms are signed and notarized they can simply be uploaded through the same site. It will be much easier than previous years!  I will need membership dues from everyone, total cost $339.

Changes for this rodeo year:  There will be a total of 12 rodeos for all timed events, the top 10 will count.  There will be 10 total rodeos that include rough stock events. (all rodeos count for rough stock)


Sept. 22-23 Owyhee County Fairgrounds

Rodeo #6 May 11- 9:00 rodeo (Owyhee Co. Fairgrounds in Homedale) RCH following perf
Rodeo #7 May 12- 9:00am rodeo (Homedale)
Rodeo #8 May 12- 4:00pm rodeo (Homedale)
Rodeo #9 May 24- 6:00pm rodeo (Homedale)
Rodeo #10 May 25- 9:00am (timed events only) followed by 2 rounds RCH
Rodeo #11 May 25- 4:00pm rodeo (Homedale)
Rodeo #12 May 26- 10:00am rodeo

April 20- Cutting at High Desert Arena in Star (2 rounds) time TBD
May 8- Cutting at Jody Cada's barn in Middleton (2 rounds) time TBD

2019 State finals are June 8-15 in Pocatello ID
2019 National finals are July 15-21 in Rock Springs, WY

Entries are due TEN DAYS prior to the rodeo. 
Payments are due TEN DAYS prior to the rodeo.
Please enter the rodeo below.

Please read entries and enter each day. It will give you a total,
make sure they match. Mail the check to me 10 days prior to the rodeo.
If you want to send all your payments in at once, please make a check for EACH weekend.
Make Check Payable to Idaho High School Rodeo

Mail payments to our Association Secretary
Jane Eiguren
7229 Elmore Road
Fruitland, ID 83619

Sponsorship Information:

Heather Grubaugh
17134 Early Rd.
Caldwell, ID  83607

Jr. High Rodeo Information:

Melinda McDaniel
1109 W. Ustick Rd.
Caldwell, ID 83605


Do you want to join high school rodeo? 
For Information regarding the Junior High School Division go to:

If you have questions contact:
Jane Eiguren
7229 Elmore Road
Fruitland, ID 83619
Jan Larison

 Mandatory Safety Videos

The links below lead to the safety videos that ALL contestants are required to watch before competing in the Spring 2014-2015 rodeo season. 

Rough Stock Video

Bareback Riding
Saddle Bronc Riding
Bull Riding

Timed Event Videos (3 Parts)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 


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