RCH #2: November 7th @ 8am - 4th Class - in conjunction with IRCHA Show at the Idaho Horse Park - Entries will close October 31st

TURNOUTS - please text contestant name and event(s) to me at: 208-880-7414

The entries for all events close 10 days prior to the event. For example if the event is on April 20th, the books will be open through April 10th. The entry link will be taken down on the 11th. I reserve the right to accept or deny late entries on a case by case basis but after the draw is complete (except for correcting errors on my part) no additions will be allowed.

If you are mailing a check for your entries, you need to put your check in the mail on the 11th. If you are paying via Venmo, please make that payment at least 5 days prior to the event, so in this case on the 15th. I do not like to accept entry money at the rodeos as I too am a rodeo mom and want to spend the biggest part of the day with my kids and watching your kids. With that said, there is a higher likelihood that I will misplace your check if you hand it to me at the rodeos. I put ALOT of effort into not making mistakes and being efficient. I need your help doing your part... being on time with entries and payments.



If you have questions contact:

Niki Greenwood (Dist 2 HS Secretary)

208-880-7414 (Text Preferred)

em: rodeodistrict2@gmail.com